VPN and Remote Desktop Setup

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VPN and Remote Desktop Setup

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a great utility to protect one’s privacy and increase security while on the internet. A VPN will basically connect two computers securely and “privately” on the internet. Furthermore, a VPN is designed to establish a secure, encrypted “tunnel” which transmits data between the two locations/connections. This is typically done between a remote user (or employee) and the company network. Since the data is being moved through a tunnel, the transmission is not accessible for any 3rd parties or “prying” eyes to see. Hence, the VPN adds a layer of security (and privacy!) to the connection between the private and public networks – which is a great utility when traveling or jumping on public networks.

VPN Setup in Mission Viejo

Over time and with the increase to remote and global workers, VPN’s have become a very popular topic for small and even home offices. Over the last decade VPN use has dramatically increased and with good reason. An increase of virus and malicious attacks demonstrated the additional need for layers of security when transmitting connections outside of a company’s internal firewalls. The most important component of VPN in today’s global business environment is the ability for remote workers and organizations with global offices to share data in a secure and reliable fashion. The convenient component of a VPN is they have been made available to the masses and just about anyone can download and use a VPN to secure their connection.

Remote Desktop Setup Mission Viejo

Not only do the professionals at MV Computers recommend that you take advantage of this technology, we will quickly and easily set up both your computer and phone with VPN software to ensure you are protected when traveling and connecting to general hotspots. While most of our clients have heard of the general concept of VPN, we like to explain the technology as a private, secure internet communication specifically designed for their device to communicate with the outside world. This Virtual Private Network will help ensure that no one is sitting on a public network snooping your private data and provides the peace of mind that you are operating through a secure and private tunnel.

Best VPN Setup in Mission Viejo

So, is a VPN right for you? Most of our customers ask this question on a routine basis and the answer really is: “it depends.” In most circumstances, a VPN will provide a more secure transmission between a remote worker and an organization, but it doesn’t stop there. One of the most important components of a VPN is the ability for them to protect and secure connections of mobile devices. Given most individuals with a “smart phone” save their calendars, contacts, emails, photos, and other personal data – when you are connected to a public wireless network (and in some events even a secure network!) you are allowing your phone to be exposed to potential prying eyes who are looking to access your device and steal your data. By using a VPN, you are essentially creating an anonymous connection with the web servers and can safely browse the internet without exposing any of your personal data. In most cases a VPN will provide you with a separate/unique IP address so the website cannot track your connection to it and you are free to browse safely and securely.

Let the professionals at MV Computers help you understand the full functionality of a VPN and set one up for you today so that you can have the peace of mind that all of your transmissions (both computer and mobile) are secure and you are safe!

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