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Reinstall Operating System Mission Viejo

There are several instances when we will recommend an operating system reinstall to a customer. First, it is common in the event that the computer has a virus that is so difficult to remove, or has embedded itself into the system that it doesn’t make sense to go the traditional virus removal route. Second, it may best be suited to do a fresh and clean install of the operating system in the event the system has been damaged due to software updates, or bad OS builds. This can occur and over time we have seen this become a common theme in both PC and MAC Apple computers.

Computer Reinstall

If the system is healthy enough to do an OS reinstall (i.e. physical hardware is showing healthy and is not reporting back any negative indicators), we will do a full backup of the system, save all of your data, make note of any software, and grab your bookmarks before starting the process. Once complete, your system will be as if it was brand new and out of the box (of course with a little wear-tear on the existing hardware from use). While this is a great way to optimize your machine and some individuals do this regularly, this may not be best suited and can become cumbersome for some individuals to perform on a routine basis.

Reinstalling the Operating System

While we understand the value of doing a fresh operating system reinstall, it’s important to note all of the potential areas that this operation can go wrong. You may miss a file, the OS may not be a full version or have a corrupt download, and the system may not be responsive during the process causing the “easy” reinstall process to fail – leaving you with a non-working computer. That is why at Mission Viejo Computer Repair Service, we spend the time going through each and every file and the overall system structure to ensure we don’t miss a file. We will even take a full system image prior to beginning in the unlikely event that we miss something or something is just out of place.

How to Reinstall the Operating System

Rather than taking on this task alone, let our team of highly skilled and trained professionals come out to your home or place of business and install peace of mind. We will walk you through the entire process, make sure that your hardware is healthy enough to perform an operating system reinstall, once tested and the operating system installs correctly, we will go through file by file to confirm that all data has been properly moved over. Once complete, we will help you reinstall your programs that you have available, check for the latest updates from your OS manufacturer, ensure drivers are the latest and greatest and check to make sure you have an adequate antivirus and backup solution in place!

Don’t let the thought of reinstalling the operating system hinder your ability to get a clean version of it installed. Let the professional staff at MV Computers show you just how easy it is to perform this task!

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Our Pledge

At Mission Viejo Computer Repair Service, we are a completely mobile and onsite computer repair company. This simply means that we do not have a physical brick and mortar store location. This model allows us to keep our costs low, and pass these extra savings directly on to you, our customer! We will meet you at either your place of business or home and do the entire repair right in front of you. In the off chance we are unable to fix the issue on site, we will take your system with us and return it to you when it is complete and in a timely fashion! Thank you for supporting a locally owned and operated small business as we continue to provide Mission Viejo with the best Computer Repair Service near you!