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Server Setup in Mission Viejo

If you use a server, chances are know the challenges of keeping the device up to date, secure, and running optimally. Most small businesses will have a server installed and take the set it and forget it approach. While servers will function if left on their own to operate, it is not best practice to ignore a server and the continual maintenance (just like your car) it needs. Not only does MV Computers specialize in servers, we have a Server certified technician on staff that will come out to your location to diagnose, configure, or decommission your current (or future) server. Servers can be utilized in a variety of fashion; however, the most common is for them to act as a file share and active directory for users. Regardless of the reason your organization has a server; the professionals at MV Computers are experienced in all types of Server Repair in Mission Viejo and will come out to your location to perform the repair in its native environment.

Server Repair in Mission Viejo

Designing, implementing and most importantly maintaining a client’s network and server infrastructure is one of our fundamental abilities at MV Computers. We completely understand that working in a business style environment causes significant restraint on what can be done from a repair and upgrade standpoint and our professionals are trained to recognize this and work alongside the customer. Rather than being a 3rd party outsourced I.T. firm, we prefer to look at our relationship as a working partnership where we can help you achieve all of your specific I.T. needs. Furthermore, we are fully capable of configuring and setting up your server, network appliances and workstations so that you can have the peace of mind that everything inside of your environment has been configured properly and securely. Furthermore, our team can provide and offer off-site backup solutions, services, and cloud-based results to ensure that you and your team are always protected against data loss. The entire concept of cloud based and off-site backup is multifaceted, heavily relying on the ideology that your information will be protected from the risk of hacking, fire, theft, vandalism, power outage (electrical damage), or any other various technology catastrophes. Call us today at 949-966-2180 so that we can walk you through what a full backup solution would look like for your environment and how utilizing this will help protect your valuable data located on your server or workstations.

Server Configuration in Mission Viejo

Not only do we install and repair servers weekly, we also hold the most recognized industry server certifications to ensure that our team is kept up to date and we hold the highest knowledge in the server space. The professionals at Mission Viejo Computer Repair Service are fluent in installing a new server, retiring an old server, or just simply maintaining and repairing whatever server you may currently have in place. Our team of highly qualified professionals can walk you through every step of the process and can help you understand how to properly and effectively use your server. As servers continue to progress, the technology that the servers utilize – both hardware and software have evolved. Many of the services that were once straightforward and easy to setup have since matured and become a complex task for the most simplistic result. Regardless of your individual technology needs, we can set your environment up for a standalone server, a networked file share for users to access files and databases across the network, or a shared and hosted exchange for all of your email conversations.

Computer Server Setup

A large benefit of choosing a locally owned and operated Computer Repair Service in Mission Viejo is our ability to work alongside you as our partner in I.T. Furthermore, we know that it can be difficult to time and plan a server upgrade, maintenance window or installation. Our team will work with your schedule to make sure that the installation goes smoothly and there is minimal downtime (we also offer after-hours time windows). Remember, a properly maintained server will save you tremendously in the long run as catastrophic server costs can skyrocket very quickly. A little prevention today goes a long way in the future. Furthermore, if a server is running slow, having issues with hardware, or even worse, exposed to a virus infection – productivity can come to a screeching halt while data is left vulnerable and exposed. In these cases, the business may come to a complete stop, hindering sales, support, and the ability to function. Don’t let a simple bit of downtime negatively impact your company, after all, you have a business to run. Ask about our monthly service and maintenance plans which will not only provide you with insight to the overall health of your server and how it is performing, but it will also help you properly budget for future server projects and upgrades.

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Best Computer Server Company in Mission Viejo

Just like your vehicle, a server will need ongoing and continual maintenance. In practice, a server is no different from a workstation from a component standpoint. These machines are exposed to a lot of the same variables that a workstation also experiences. Issues such as overheating, hardware failure, disk damage, and virus exposure are real and imminent threats to a server’s health and functionality. One component of our monthly maintenance that MV Computers offers is the ability to check and routinely run a backup schedule to ensure all data is protected.  Even servers with RAID (Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks) can fail and begin to experience problems if not properly configured. Furthermore, this potential of downtime may be perceived by some customers as the inability to service their needs and requests in a timely fashion due to planning failures.

Server Raid Configuration

Furthermore, in most circumstances, a full time I.T. staff isn’t practical, affordable or appropriate. While these may be the cases, a full time 3rd party outsourced I.T. partner is not only appropriate, it is economical.  Let us show you why Mission Viejo has trusted us as their I.T. partner for over 15 years and just what we can do for you as your partner in the server repair space. Our staff of trained professionals will show up to your place of business, during your repair appointment window and service your server with you right there. Our professionals will ensure that your server is operating properly in the following areas (but we do much more too!)

  • Security and Compliance protocols
  • Data backup and business continuality
  • Server Operating System
  • Routine & Regular Updates
  • Software assistance
  • Hard Drive utilization and fragmentation levels
  • RAID Health, setups, and transitions
  • Everything Server Service Related (i.e. IIS, Exchange, Active Directory etc.)
  • And much more!

If you are ready to trust an industry recognized partner in the server repair, maintenance, and installation space, give the professionals at Mission Viejo Computer Repair Service – MV Computers a call today 949-966-2180.

Our Pledge

At Mission Viejo Computer Repair Service, we are a completely mobile and onsite computer repair company. This simply means that we do not have a physical brick and mortar store location. This model allows us to keep our costs low, and pass these extra savings directly on to you, our customer! We will meet you at either your place of business or home and do the entire repair right in front of you. In the off chance we are unable to fix the issue on site, we will take your system with us and return it to you when it is complete and in a timely fashion! Thank you for supporting a locally owned and operated small business as we continue to provide Mission Viejo with the best Computer Repair Service near you!