Hard Drive Destruction and PC Recycling

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Hard Drive Destruction in Mission Viejo

Many IT experts will argue what the most important hardware component of the computer is but all I.T. professionals can agree that the hard drive must be handled with significant care when it comes to discarding this piece of equipment. As most (if not all) other computer components will contain no personal data or information, the hard-drive will contain all of the end users documents, photos, music, personal data, bookmarks etc., and can make this information very sensitive not just for the working professional but for the personal and individual client alike.

Hard Drive Recycling

Rather than discarding the hard-drive in the trashcan and hoping that no one will uncover the drive and be able to restore your previously “deleted” data, allow the team at MV Computers to destroy your data for you and make sure that the data is unrecoverable. We will give you the peace of mind that no matter what, the data is permanently destroyed, and the hard drive will be unreadable.

PC and Computer Recycling in Mission Viejo

Not only do we destroy data but we also recycle and donate old machines. Have some old PC’s sitting around that you want to give up for a better cause or make sure they are recycled properly? Give the professionals at MV Computers a call today and we will schedule a time to come over, unplug, pick up and take away your old machines to give to a better cause or simply computer recycle them in the event they are unusable.

Hard Drive Data Destruction

Trust a locally owned and operated Computer Repair Service in Mission Viejo to handle all of your data destruction needs. If you have used our service in the past, we will pick up the drive and destroy the data complimentary. If not, contact us today at 949-966-2180 and we can discuss options for your data destruction.

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Our Pledge

At Mission Viejo Computer Repair Service, we are a completely mobile and onsite computer repair company. This simply means that we do not have a physical brick and mortar store location. This model allows us to keep our costs low, and pass these extra savings directly on to you, our customer! We will meet you at either your place of business or home and do the entire repair right in front of you. In the off chance we are unable to fix the issue on site, we will take your system with us and return it to you when it is complete and in a timely fashion! Thank you for supporting a locally owned and operated small business as we continue to provide Mission Viejo with the best Computer Repair Service near you!