Computer Boot Loop

Computer Boot Loop

Computer Boot Loop

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Computer Boot Loop in Mission Viejo

A windows boot loop problem is usually the result of a bad driver. Also, a corrupt operating system or a hardware problem can cause the system to not load. This very annoying problem occurs when trying to get use out of your computer. Additionally, a boot loop can be difficult to diagnose. Thus, MV Computers will address why your computer is stuck in a boot loop.

As a result, the computer may not be functional until resolved. Our team of highly trained professionals can evaluate your system today. Not only is MV Computers a fully mobile and onsite company, in most cases, we can come out to you same or next day.

A computer that is stuck boot looping can also be rescued. We will first transfer the data off the machine that is having the issue, reinstall the operating system, and then transfer the data back. Also, we can look to find the root cause of this to prevent it from occurring in the future. In some instances, we may have to take the sick computer with us, but we will bring it back typically the next day operational and healthy. Thinking about taking the plunge? Send us a contact request form and one of our professionals will reach out to you asap. 

How to fix a boot loop and what can you do?

Earlier this year, we had took a deeper look into why machines boot loop. We found directly on Microsoft’s Website that a lot of users are complaining about the new patch released. If that is the case you can always revert the operating system to the previous build. In some cases this will alleviate the problem. In other cases, the damage may be done and you will need to reinstall the operating system after backing up your data. The problem with a boot loop can be quickly resolved and fixed in almost all cases. We will work tirelessly and around the clock to fix the problem for you at your home or place of business. Call us today to have your computer looked at.

MV Computers will diagnose the entire computer and make the appropriate recommendations. The entire staff really enjoys working on all types of computers. The Operating System in most cases can be the culprit of this issue. The team at Mission Viejo Computer Repair will address every concern. A boot looping computer is not a fun computer to work with! The process at MV Computers is simple. First, we call you to let you know we are on the way. Second, we will address all major computer concerns at your home or business. Third, we will develop a plan to keep your computer running and functional.