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Established in 2004, Mission Viejo Computer Repair Service (MV Computers), has been the premier provider of onsite and mobile services to the community. Providing onsite and complete I.T. Solutions to the wonderful Mission Viejo community is just half of our story. Being a locally owned and operated Computer Repair Service, we understand the challenges that are presented to individuals and small businesses in the area.

At MV Computers, we pride ourselves on our talented team of technicians that have been in the industry for well over a decade. That being said, to provide the best response time we dedicate an individual technician to each and every one of our various locations throughout the Mission Viejo and surrounding areas. This way, you have your very own point of contact, someone you can always count on, but more importantly, someone you can build a continuous and ongoing relationship with as we remain your I.T. provider.

Our Philosophy

Shortly after being established in 2004, we identified the need to operate in a mobile fashion, servicing client’s computers at their home or place of business. This way, we can take a look at the problematic machine (or network) in its native environment, allowing the issue to occur naturally rather than “guessing” when it comes into a shop. Additionally, it allows us to provide the work quickly and transparently in the comfort of your own home so you can watch the repair being performed. Rather than handing your computer over to a shop where it may not even be worked on immediately, the professionals at MV Computers will call you prior to arrival and walk you through the repair process.

Since our inception, we have provided service to thousands of customers and small businesses in the Mission Viejo community allowing our strong brand name and outstanding reputation speak for itself. Our motto has been simple – “provide the best customer service to our clients and treat their systems as if they were our own.” Over a decade later, our technicians are taught this same level of professionalism and our philosophy continues to be an integral part of our relationship with each and every client. As there is no cookie cutter approach in computer repair, you will not be treated as a customer but more importantly as a partner in the fix of your computer needs. Allow us to show you today just how great of an experience a personalized and in person visit can be for your home or office environment.

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What They Say

Our Great Team

Over 15 years ago, our team identified a need that a customer’s computer or service issue is better suited to be evaluated at their home or in the environment that the issue is presenting itself. All of our staff members are put through a vigorous training program and hold the most current industry certifications in their fields of expertise. Rather than unplugging your bulky computer and “hoping” that the issue will present itself when you bring it into the shop, our staff at Mission Viejo Computer Repair Service take the hands-on approach and come out to you to see exactly what your machine is experiencing.

The greatest part about being a locally owned and operated small business is the ability to provide the most unique and the best Computer Repair Service in Mission Viejo. We love our job, the community, the city and most importantly the great people who make up Mission Viejo. Our staff truly feels they do not work a day in the week as they are helping people understand technology and provide repairs at an affordable, yet accelerated rate. Give us a call today to experience how the professionals at MV Computers can resolve any computer problem you may be experiencing. Remember, no problem is too big (or small) for our team and we look forward to helping you today!